CBD Face Oil with MCT Oil for optimal skincare.


the rich and effective composition of the Neurogan CBD face oil helps to moisturize, balance, invigorate and soothe the skin.

This product can be used diversely: you can either use a few drops as a serum on your face or mix a few drops in your day and night cream.


Additionally, due to the MCT with is very effective in hair conditioning, you can mix this product in your shampoo, or apply purely as hair serum!


This oil is easy to absorb and does not leave fat residues in the skin.




CBD Face Oil

SKU: 0004
  • Composition

    CBD, MCT Oil

  • We highly recommend that you use the CBD Face Oil in a combination with the Face Cream. in this case, you either apply the oil first on the skin before coating your face with the face cream, or you can add a few drops of the oil into your face cream and apply.