A story of Authenticity



PondsandLilies is an organic skincare company with a subbranch for organic fashion that sells solely online. It is based in Denmark and was founded by Jasmine Mortensen who over the years has used varieties of skincare products that seemed far from what she was hoping for in terms of results.


“I experienced the negative effects of using products that weren’t organic or sometimes buying a product that didn’t deliver on promises. It became an endless spiral of wanting a product that really worked. Thus, Pondsandlilies was born, to provide skincare that was affordable, organic, and effective as well. I think that if someone is paying for something or hoping for a result which a product promises to provide, then, they should get what they paid for, and even more… With organic products, we play our role in the sustainability of planet earth, it becomes a win-win- We take care of nature, nature takes care of us”

PondsandLilies doesn’t produce any products of its own at the moment, but partner with companies that produce trusted products with proven track records. You can also find complementary products like organic t-shirts with designs exclusively made by Jasmine Mortensen on our website (coming soon)..

At PondsandLilies, we value trust, quality, authenticity and responsibility.